Stop the Violence                   Spread the Love     

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Our Services

To Book Stop the Violence for your event go to the contact page and send us a message about you event !

Book Stop the Violence Team to come to your school and spread the message of love against violence. The Stop the Violence team is made up of different youth that all have different talents and skills that combine bring a dynamic message through song, dance, spoken word, sharing their stories etc. Bring this fun, energetic team to your school or event!

Book the Stop the Violence Brand to come to your event and sell our merchandise. Five dollars from every item sold will be donated to your event.  The Stop the Violence Brand aims to decrease violence through spreading its message of love through their clothing brand. Book Stop the Violence Today!

Mr Stop the Violence is a known inspirational speaker sharing his inspiring story on how he took a negative situation with the death of his cousin and turned it into something positive with starting Stop the Violence Spread the Love. He was a guest speaker at the United Way Governor General's Youth Round Table May 2014 with His Excellency Governor General of Canada David Johnston, spoke at schools, universities and other events. Book him today!